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Information Overload-Be Diligent

By sa99_2552 | March 26, 2020

In this time of information overload, especially as we deal with the current COVID-19 it is sometimes difficult to assimilate…


The Andover Area Chamber wants to support businesses and organizations in COVID-19 preparedness

By sa99_2552 | March 9, 2020

The Chamber wants to support you in preparing your business or organization for potential impacts from novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and…

How to Improve Your Business’ Referral Marketing Through the Chamber

By sa99_2552 | March 2, 2020

Referral marketing allows your loyal customers to “sell” for you by referring others to your business. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately,…

Together We Are Stronger

Maximizing Your Benefits of the Chamber

By sa99_2552 | October 11, 2019

When I talk with a member who feels they aren’t getting anything out of being a member of the Chamber…

One of the reasons I love our community is_________

What I Learned from Visiting Another Community

By sa99_2552 | August 19, 2019

Sometimes it takes going to another city to really appreciate what is right here at home. I had the opportunity…

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful


By sa99_2552 | February 27, 2019

I had the privilege of re-connecting with Lee White who is the owner/manager of Butler County Watchdog last evening at…

Where Are Robert’s Rules?

By sa99_2552 | December 31, 2018

Using Robert’s Rules of Order A few years ago, I had a conversation with several high school students who were…

Making Resolutions in 2019

By sa99_2552 | December 31, 2018

It seems at the beginning of a new year, there is so much talk about New Year’s Resolutions ‐ making them, sticking to them, not sticking to them and why we don’t stick to them. It is interesting to me that these resolutions are only brought to the forefront during the beginning of the New Year. I wonder what would happen if we touched base with everyone that made these resolutions in a couple of months or 6 months just to see how everyone was doing.…

I Don’t Have Time…

By sa99_2552 | December 27, 2018

Creating Work-Life Balance Yes, there is only 24 hours in a day and no more.  I have heard and even…

Yes, Our Chamber Does A Membership Drive!

By sa99_2552 | September 28, 2018

In the month of September, the Ambassador Committee of the Chamber organized a month long membership drive. As with most…

The Chamber Ecosystem; The View of John Marshall, Business Development Specialist

By sa99_2552 | March 14, 2018

This article was taken from a blog post by the McCook Chamber of Commerce More often than I’d like to admit,…

personal branding

Why You Need to Grow Your Personal Brand and It’s Not to Land a New Job

By sa99_2552 | October 30, 2017

Business owners are as guilty as they come. Because they have their own businesses they rarely see a reason to…

too much email

Not Just Another Email

By sa99_2552 | October 20, 2017

Believe me, I get it…emails are tough, especially when you receive so many. On any given day, I receive over…

shop local first

Practicing What We Preach

By sa99_2552 | October 13, 2017

From time to time I am asked how I personally contribute to the tax base since I don’t live in…



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