• The Ambassador Committee is the ''host'' committee for the Andover Chamber of Commerce. Ambassadors will be visible at events and activities within the community and they will serve as liaisons for our membership.
    The newly formed AYP group has two functions. One is the coordinating committee to plan and implement events and activities for those in the Andover area who are 21-40 years of age. Then there is the general membership of AYP who attend and participate in these activities.
    The Economic Development committee will create and maintain information on available land and buildings for sale and lease. They will work with new and existing business in the Andover area looking at needs and desires to promote business in the Andover area.
    The Events Committee plans and implements the major events for the Andover Chamber of Commerce. These events are: Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet Annual Chamber Golf Invitational Hometown Hero Award Safe Halloween Festival of Trees
    The Governance Committee of the Andover Chamber of Commerce handling the bylaws and policies of the organization as well as board nominations and evaluation of the hired President-ED.
    A sub committee of the Events Committee, this committee plans and organizes the Annual Golf Invitational