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  • Business After Hours Co-Hosting Guidelines Business After Hours Co-Hosting Guidelines

    A Business After Hours is a monthly networking event for members of the Andover Chamber of Commerce and all of heir employees.  This is a great opportunity for you and your business representatives network with other business representatives in the Andover area.  At these events new connections can be made to build professional relationships.

    Business After Hours events are held on the last Thursday of each month from the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. (date and time can only be changed if agreed upon by the host and the Chamber).  Each Business After Hours is co-hosted by the business and the Andover Chamber of Commerce.


    It is easy and cost effective to co-host one of the 12 Business After Hours events.  Secure the month in which you would like to co-host by contacting the Chamber.

    1. Perfect way to showcase your business and distribute information about the products and services you offer.
    2. Co-host will have the opportunity to address the group at 5:30 p.m. for a short presentation about your business.
    3. Prepare a tour plan for your business – not everyone will show at the same time and may need to plan on a few tours.
    4. Publicity will take place to include your logo – through weekly email blasts, Chamber website, AndoverLeader.com.


    1. Design invitation for the Business After Hours event to include business logo and brief business description.
    2. Send invitation to all Chamber members and encourage attendance.
    3. Announce event at other events for the Chamber of Commerce.
    4. Coordinate efforts of registration to prepare name tags and provide a head count to the co-host.
    5. Provide co-host with names of possible caterers and other member businesses they may need to have a great event.
    6. If you want to send a personal note in the mail to the Chamber membership, labels can be provided to your business at no charge – at least 2 weeks notification for this benefit.
    7. Ambassadors will be on hand to meet and greet – hand out name tags.
    8. The Chamber will provide tickets for any drawings and hand out when people get their name tags.


    1. Prepare for the possibility of 30-50 people – adequate parking, etc.
    2. You can go as elaborate as you would like on the food and drink for the event.  While it is entirely up to you whether alcohol is served, the Chamber asks that you provide someone to serve (bartend) the drinks but also provide non-alcoholic beverages.  We ask that Chamber members be used for catering and drink.
    3. Provide an area of Welcome for Chamber Ambassadors to hand out name tags and greet.
    4. You are encouraged to publicize, publicize, publicize – Make personal contact with area businesses to encourage them to attend.
    5. Submit a 30-50 word description of your business to be included in the invitation and other publicity.
    6. Encourage your business to provide one or two door prizes to be drawn approximately 6 p.m.  This is at the discretion of the business.